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 Smarr Financial Services offers many services above and beyond other firms.






  • Comprehensive Financial Plan Needs Analysis

    We recognize that each client has unique goals, values, resources and circumstances. Once we understand where you are, and where you want to go, we develop a comprehensive, custom Financial Plan Needs Analysis for you, suggesting strategies designed to fulfill your dreams. As your needs and circumstances change, we can update your plan to keep pace.


  • Tax Reduction Strategies

    Tax Planning for individuals and businesses with the idea that every dollar we save you in taxes you can spend on your lifestyle


  • 401K Recommendations for Pre-retirees

    Often the retirement choices at your workplace can be overwhelming.  We help make those choices fit your financial goals.


  • Asset Diversification

    Once we have a clear idea of your financial situation, goals and risk tolerance, we will create a diversified portfolio specifically for you.  Asset Allocation, the mix of major investment groups, is a key factor in long-term performance.  Within each group, we practice diversification to lower overall volatility and increase the potential for gain.


  • Business Planning and Transfer

    Your business may be your single biggest asset. We can help you potentially increase your current income and future value of your business, through proven business and tax planning strategies. We can also help with the sale or transfer of your business to family, employee or outside buyer.


  • Education Funding

    Today, education can be one of the largest expenses a family will face. We can help you explore and analyze the numerous options available to you and other family members for funding, such as UGMA accounts, Educational IRA's 529 plans and employee benefits plans.


  • Charitable Giving

    The creation of your legacy and life-long purpose needs serious consideration. We help find the potential taxation and income benefits that you deserve.


  • Estate and Trust Planning

    Financial and insurance planning include establishing enduring legacies for your heirs and charities. We work with individuals and families to ensure that their wealth is passed on in accordance with their intentions and values. This includes minimizing administrative expenses, as well as federal and state taxes.


  • Multi-Generational Wealth Management and Transfer

    Effective estate planning enables you to retain control of assets while preparing its transfer. Our services include working with individuals and families to minimize taxes and expenses on bequests.


  • Retirement Planning: Distribution Strategies to help you not outlive your money

    Retirement planning has two phases, accumulation and actual retirement. During the accumulation phase we assist clients in setting goals and implementing strategies to meet them. We help our retired clients enjoy the lifestyle they want while pursuing a strategy for continued investment and asset growth.


  • Life Insurance and Estate Planning

    Planning is the best protection against financial emergencies. We can assess your needs and recommend ways to restructure your current assets to achieve increased wealth protection, as well as appropriate life, disability, personal liability, and major asset insurance plans.


  • Disability Insurance

    Receive income for unexpected injuries, these plans help cover the expenses associated with an accidental injury. It pays you directly, unless you assign benefits, regardless of any other insurance you may have.   Professional Athletes Coverage (Personal Disability, Contract Guarantee, Team Indemnification, Loss of Endorsement and College Draft Protection, 24-hr worldwide Coverage for Accident and Sickness) Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots, Race Car Drivers 


  • Long Term Care Insurance

    Families do not realize how important long-term care insurance is until they are uninsurable or actually need long-term care. We don't want that to happen to you! After reviewing your current policies, we can offer an unbiased judgment on whether they meet your needs. If additional policies are warranted, we can suggest options objectively and assist you in designing the proper plan for you and your family.


  • Educational Workshops

    We offer various presentations which address the subjects that are most pertinent to your health, wealth, and happiness.  See our schedule for the next valuable seminar.


  • Commercial Surety

    We offer a wide array of bonds for commercial enterprises of all sizes from small closely held businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Many commercial contractors (non-construction) who provide services, manufacture/supply goods, or perform installation of equipment or software may need bonds guaranteeing their performance. Probate: Administrator, Executor, Trustee, Guardian/Conservator. Judicial: Receiver, Replevin, Court. License & Permit: Compliance, Contactors License, DOT Permit, Retail & Professional Services, Insurance Brokers, Agents & Adjusters. Miscellaneous Indemnity: Lost Securities, Lost Instrument. Public Official: City Clerks, Tax Collector, Town Manager,Treasurers, Notaries.Tax Bonds: Fuel, Cigarette and Alcohol Tax.Commercial Performance Financial Guarantees: Utility Deposit, Game of Chance, GA Lottery

Now Serving Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina,Tennessee and Texas for all your Insurance Needs  


Areas of Specialization

  • Retirement Planning

  • Comprehensive Financial Plans

  • Tax Planning Strategies

  • Portfolio Strategies

  • Estate Planning

  • Income Planning

  • Insurance (Term, Universal Life, Health, Property and Casualty, Auto, Home, Business, Boat, RV, Recreation Vehicle, Commercial, Work Comp, Fidelity and Surety Bonds )

  • Small Business Services in the United States account for more than 4 million businesses and approximately $2.7 billion* in combined Workers' Compensation, Business Liability, Property and Commercial Auto premium Free quoting  




  • Annuities (Fixed)

  • 401k,403B, Roth and Individual IRA'S

  • Stocks

  • Municipal and Corporate Bonds

  • Mutual Funds/ETF'S

  • College 529 Funding

  • U S Treasury

  • Long Term Care

  • Disability Insurance (Professional Athletes, Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots, Race Car Drivers)

  • Trusts

  • Charitable Giving

  • Managed Money

  • Wealth Accumulation and Preservation